The Beauty of Buchanan Dam, Texas

Buchanan Dam is a designated historical place in Llano County, Texas. The original settlement of this area occurred in the eighteenth century and was known as Old Town until its incorporation with the new town of Buchanan. The current population is 1,519 in the 2021 census. The original settlement included the present-day Banff National Park. More about St. Llano, TX can be seen here.

Several popular activities can be enjoyed within the boundaries of the historic district of Buchanan Dam, Texas. One of the main attractions for tourists and residents alike is the two-story lodge, Blue Ridge Log Cabin, which offers breathtaking views of the Texas prairie and is surrounded by two highland lakes. The lakes feature numerous lakes and access to them via the trails found in the vicinity of the cottage. Another attraction for visitors is the Landa Falls, which is one hundred feet from the lakes and includes hiking, rafting, nature watching, and a boat ride across the impressive falls. Click here to read about The Fascinating Community of Buchanan Dam, Texas.

The area around the Buchanan Dam, Texas provides excellent opportunities for wildlife watching. Black bears, cactus spade deer, and quail are just some of the animals that can be seen in the Landa River Valley. Many Texas native birds such as Black-cheeked ducks, towhees, meadow birds, and many others can also be seen in the area. The land around the Buchanan Dam provides opportunities for RV camping in the highland lakes and mountain biking in the area.

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