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No matter what area of Texas that you’re looking to build in, the custom home builders at Sterling Creek Builders are here for you. We have one main goal, and that is to provide you with the home you’ve always dreamed of. Turn your dreams into reality. Whether you’re looking to renovate or starting from the ground up with newly purchased property, we can help! We’re also a Top Rated Local® Custom Home Builder. Unlike most custom home builders, we facilitate the entire process — from engineering to selecting the perfect options and features, we work with you on every step and provide you with a complete design and build experience.

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If you’re looking to build your home, Llano is a wonderful place to live. In Llano, Texas, you’ll find people of all ages and all walks of life. From the historic areas to the more modern and residential parts of Llano, you’ll always find something to do. Llano is a relatively small city, with about 3,500+ people currently living there. It has the perfect sense of community and small town living that you may be looking for. Start constructing your dream home with the help of Sterling Creek Builders. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or wanting to remodel a specific area of your home, we are here for you! Contact our experts to be one step closer to the perfect home.

Located deep in the heart of Texas, Llano has an incredible amount of benefits to offer its residents. From the beautiful outdoors and downtown area to the great school districts and education, it’s no wonder that so many people have continued to make this city their home. Learn more about what Llano can offer you.


Just like most areas of Texas, Llano’s unemployment rate stands at 3.7%, which is lower than the US average of about 3.9%. The job market has increased by almost one percent over the past year. There is also no income tax for residents of the city, whereas the US average is around 4.6%.


Families tend to be the primary demographic that live in Llano. One of the benefits of living in this charming city is that the public schooling systems have received great reviews.

Quality of Living

The Llano River brings a breath of fresh air into the city, which is a part of Texas Hill Country. When you live here, you’ll find equal parts outdoor adventure, hunting, and fishing, mixed with historic areas and rustic downtown areas. It’s also only about an hour outside of the states capital, Austin.


We pride ourselves on the professionalism and quality of our work. We’re with you from the beginning to the end, making sure that your home is created to the highest standards. From the detailed estimates and timelines to selecting the top quality subcontractors you can trust, our team reaches to give you nothing but perfection.
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