The Fascinating Community of Buchanan Dam, Texas

The small town of Buchanan Dam in Texas is a reservoir surrounded by a rural community. The beautiful dam, which serves as a water source for hundreds of communities in Texas and New Mexico forms one of the major sources of drinking water for the city of Laredo. The town has been a location that attracts people because of the natural scenic overlooks and magnificent views of the Texas countryside. Information can be found here.

A small town located in a reservoir, the town of Buchanan Dam, Texas is made up of only a few hundred permanent residents. This is because the area is considered to be an “outdoor” community as it shares a portion of the Colorado River floodplain with other local areas like Llano and Pueblo. Some many events and festivals take place in this peaceful area each year. The flooding of the Colorado River left many damaged homes, and the land surrounding the dam was cleared so that there would be no major flooding in the area. See here for information about An Attraction For All Occasions – Buchanan Dam, TX.

There are many different places where one could go to take a scenic ride on a riverboat or just take a leisurely ride through some of the most beautiful scenery in Texas. The Bitterroots National Grassland Walkway has been created through the middle of the dam area. This walkway will give an individual the chance to view some of the most unique plants in Texas while they are enjoying the lush greenery surrounding the area. Travelers on a tour of the dam will see an amazing bird’s habitat, an endangered coral reef, and even a massive play of nature known as the Big Hole River. These sights and more are found within minutes from the town of Buchanan Dam, Texas.

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