What to Consider When First Designing a Closet

So you’ve decided to give yourself the dream closet you’ve always wanted. When designing a closet, there’s more than just measurements and dimensions to consider. You’re going to want to consider what is going to make your closet the most effective when catering to your lifestyle. Many of us have closets with a few small shelves with a bowed rod underneath, or even just a fragile wire system that a few winter coats might break. Needless to say, designing an efficient closet can make a huge difference, not only in the organization, but it can help preserve the longevity of your clothes. In this article, we will be sharing our top three tips and tricks to help you get the closet of your dreams.

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Get Organized

Closet organization can be a huge task to tackle, but we recommend doing this before designing a closet. Once you’ve gone through everything and figured out what you’re going to keep, you’ll have a better idea of what space you’ll actually need, as well as what type of storage space those items require. You’ll also be able to get a better idea of what you’re going to be storing in this closet. Do you have more shoes than pants? Then you might want a closet with plenty of shelves for those shoes. What are the items that you use every day or reach for first? You’ll want to place them in a place that’s easily accessible. Organizing your clothes will also help in the moving process, which is a huge benefit.

Consider Your Space

This can apply if your building too, but mainly applies to closet renovation. One of the benefits to a well-designed closet is that you most likely won’t need a dresser. This can allow for more square footage in the bedroom which could be a great asset if you’re wanting to create a bigger closet. When looking at a walk-in closet, don’t feel like you’ll need a large amount of space for this, but keep in mind that they do require a different space shape. Regardless of having a walk-in or reach-in closet, the space should be specifically designed to your needs. Have a chat with your builder about this too, they will be able to help point you in the right direction.

Sharing A Closet?

A closet designed for two people is more than just having separate sides. Take a look at what types of clothing you both own. Chances are, you both have different styles that encompass clothing articles of different sizes and lengths. You’ll also want to consider how you both prefer to store clothes. If one person prefers to hang their pants, you’ll want a space with a longer shelf length or if you don’t mind folding your pants and hanging them that way, you won’t need as much space. All the items you both have will take up different amounts of space, you also probably won’t need the same amount of space either.

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