What is So Good About Badu Park in Llano, TX?

The water feature in Badu Park has been open for visitors to enjoy for over one year. The fountain features a floatable rubber-castle that tilt back and forth, similar to a rocking chair, and when large waves hit it, creates a ripple effect that people can recreate in the water. The other water feature in the park is the “Lazy River,” which flows in a gentle current. It is a great place for children to play, but adults can also enjoy the fountain and the lazy river too. Click here for facts about Llano, TX.

The main attractions at Badu Park are the four water slides. One is located near the children’s playground, where there are slides designed for young kids as well as slides designed for older children. The next slide is located in the center of the park and provides an opportunity for children to get on and off the slide from the edge of the pool. The last slide is located right next to the waterfall. This slide features a different design than the others because it is made with a slide similar to a skateboard, and it travels up and over the rocks that line the edge of the water. There are also slides located near the playground and along the walkways to each area, which provides guests with an opportunity to have fun without actually having to leave the park. Learn more about What Is So Special About Bible Baptist Church in Llano, Texas, USA.

Badu Park is one of the main attractions of Llano, Texas, which offers fun for both adults and children. The park features a variety of different attractions, including the Badu Horse Trail, Wildflower Preserve, Badu Butterfly Garden, Nature Center and many others. The spring and fall are the start of hunting season in Texas, so there are many exciting events at Badu during this time including the western trappings on the famous Llano arts festival. During the summer, there are plenty of fun activities at Badu Park. Many people enjoy a picnic at the lake, or simply walk around the neighborhood.

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