Top Interior Design Trends of 2019 (So Far)

A home should be a direct reflection of you and your personality. A home should also be your “happy place,” after all you do spend a good majority of your time here. At Sterling Creek Builders, we are here to give you the home of your dreams whether you’re constructing a new home or just doing some renovations. As a Top Rated Local® Luxury home builder we facilitate the entire process from engineering to selecting the perfect options and features, our team works with you during every step.

Since we are a custom home design company we see many home design trends go in and out as the time proceeds. But we’ve decided to give you a list of our top five interior design trends for the year of 2019.


For years, interior designers have been stressing the importance of minimalism. We’ve been told to constantly declutter and get rid of contrasting patterns that could take away from the entirety of the room.

Well push that mentality aside because the trend is called maximalism. Maximalism embraces the acceptance of fun and exuberant furnishings and accessories. This can create a rich and unique space that is classic yet personalized. Maximalism brings transitional and electric design styles into your home, and allows you to have more freedom when considering interesting objects to decorate your home with. You can follow your instincts which can make the design process less of a hassle. The key to maximalism is to keep the right amount of visual consistency so that your decorations do not appear as heavy or over stimulating. Our tip is to stick to no more than three contrasting colors, patterns, and finishes for a more sustainable take on maximalism that won’t fade throughout time.

Bringing Nature Inside

One of the top environmentally friendly trends has been the idea of bringing nature into your home. Many modern home designers are bringing natural elements with warm earthy textures into the home. These materials can be either obtained from nature itself or made to mimic the look of nature. This trend can make your space look more authentic and unique. Applying natural wood in your home with different materials like stone, marble, and granite can make your home give off a more modern vibe as well. Designers are embracing the use of handcrafted and recycled furniture and fixtures, which benefits you and the earth.

Darker Kitchens

Since the mid-80’s and on, most of us have been accustomed to associating kitchens with bright colors, and lots of natural light. In 2019, there have been many kitchens that have featured darker hues in many design shows, while also incorporating wood tone cabinets. Painting your cabinets darker colors can also hold a contrast between the light coming in through the windows. These bolder colors will add more depth to your kitchen space, making it a statement piece for your entire house. Your kitchen is also a common place of gathering and entertaining, so adding darker colors will help keep it looking cleaner for longer. Making it a perfect way to hide day to day wear and tear.

Plant Accents

On the topic of bringing nature inside, green accents and accessories have always remained a staple piece for interior designers. Honestly, we don’t think this trend will ever go out of style. Decorating your home with textured plants and succulents is a great way to bring greenery into your home. If you don’t have a natural green thumb, opting for plant-like patterns is a great alternative. Banana leaf patterns have been extremely popular and have been featured on all types of home accessories like curtains, pillow covers, and even wallpapers. It’s also a great way to bring a tropical and summery vibe into your home, if that’s what you want.

Statement Ceilings and Floors

In 2019, we’re all about patterns here. Statement ceilings and floors can come in a variety of bold colors and geometric patterns. Even including simpler patterns can give any room an eccentric interior design, allowing you to be bold but still not going overboard. Statement fans and/or lamps have also been featured this year. Allowing a section of the room to be the main focal point can give your guests a fun surprise when entering your home.

While you are free to customize your home anyway you want to, we at Sterling Creek Builders are here to help you create the home of your dreams. Whether or not your building a new home from the ground up or simply wanting to add in a few renovations, reach out to our team today in Llano, Texas, and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you fall in love with your new home! Contact us today at 325-219-4094.

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