Tips for Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

When you’re designing a home, the bathroom may feel like a slightly less exciting room to design. Most people look forward to designing their master bedroom or their kitchen, but the bathroom tends to get overlooked. If you think about it, the bathroom is probably going to be one of the rooms where you spend the most time in. Aside from what the bathroom is usually known for, it’s the main room where you’ll be getting ready for all types of events and day to day activities! As custom home builders, we at Sterling Creek Builders have helped many satisfied customers build the home of their dreams. Through this, we’ve been able to compile a list of tips and tricks to help you get the bathroom of your dreams. So let’s take a look, shall we? 

Plan an Efficient Layout 

No matter how dreamy your bathroom is, remember it has to work. Bathrooms deal with plumbing drains, water lines, and vent stacks, so the floor plans of these generally fall into one, two, or three wet wall layouts. A one-wall layout lines up the sink, toilet, and shower along one wall. It’s one of the most cost-efficient designs, but it is also the most limiting. A two-wall layout gives your room a bit more flexibility. This layout has the sink and toilet along one wall and the tub/shower along with the other. A three-wall layout is the most versatile option. It’s also the most complicated and expensive. These plans are all something that you’ll want to consider in your budget when planning the floor plan of your home. Under budgeting can cause you to have to settle for a layout that may feel cramped or outdated. 

Think About The Sink

A bathroom sink is one of the main focal points within a bathroom. It can make your bathroom feel elegant and stylish and can set the tone for your entire room. There are also many types of sinks that are available on the market. For example, one piece vanity counter under-mount bathroom sinks make it easy to clean messes from the counter and into the sink, so they’re great if you have children.  Self-rimming sinks are also the most economical and easiest to install, but the perimeter can collect dirt and may need to be cleaned more. Think about how many people are going to be sharing this bathroom. If it is just going to be you and your partner, we recommend Jack and Jill style sinks. Trust us, no matter how much you love each other and think that you can share the sink space, just get two. If you have children that are sharing a bathroom, make sure that you get a sink that is easy to use and can be reached.


Bathroom lighting is one of the most overlooked, but critical details that you should account for when designing a home. Since the bathroom is where most people are getting ready, you want to make sure your bathroom mirror has the best lighting in the room. This isn’t just to make sure you get the perfect mirror selfie, but it’s to help you look your best for all occasions. If you wear makeup, this is especially important for you. Bad lighting can cause tons of makeup faux pas. Avoid all of this by arranging your bathroom with lighting that illuminates your face from both sides and above. Natural lighting is the best, so consider if there are any windows in your room. 

At Sterling Creek Builders we are here to help you design the custom home of your dreams. We proudly serve the central Texas area and can help you no matter where you are in your building process. For more information, give us a call at 325-219-4094, or click here to contact us!

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