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    Unexpected Costs of Building A Custom Home

      Building a new custom home is an exciting milestone in anyone’s life, which is why it’s important that you feel fully prepared when embarking upon this journey. One of the biggest aspects to building a custom home is the cost. Of course, most people are aware that this project is going to cost a large amount of money, but it's totally worth it in the end!    No matter who you spea…Read More

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    What To Know Before You Move

    Building and designing a new home is one thing, but having to move into that home is a whole different ball game. From packing up your old home, to deciding what you want to take or donate, to unpacking everything into your new home, moving is something that no one really looks forward too. In fact, moving is considered to be one of the top stressors in life, and for good reason. At Sterling Creek…Read More

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    Tips for Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

    When you're designing a home, the bathroom may feel like a slightly less exciting room to design. Most people look forward to designing their master bedroom or their kitchen, but the bathroom tends to get overlooked. If you think about it, the bathroom is probably going to be one of the rooms where you spend the most time in. Aside from what the bathroom is usually known for, it's the main room wh…Read More

  4. What to Consider When First Designing a Closet

    So you’ve decided to give yourself the dream closet you’ve always wanted. When designing a closet, there’s more than just measurements and dimensions to consider. You’re going to want to consider what is going to make your closet the most effective when catering to your lifestyle. Many of us have closets with a few small shelves with a bowed rod underneath, or even just a fragile wire syst…Read More