History of the First Baptist Church in Kingsland, Texas

Located in Kingsland, TX, the first Baptist Church in Kingsland Texas has a very strong following of people, who have been in the same area for many years and have been instrumental in shaping the community into what it is today. The church was originally started by Joseph Smith in 1833, who was a member of the Baptist Church. Learn information about Kingsland, TX. 

Although it would be unwise to compare the church to other churches in Kingsland, it is important to mention that the members of the church did not get on with Joseph Smith and the other leaders until after his death. During the time of Joseph Smith, it was common for members of the church to leave town, due to disagreements between some of the leaders. They left Kingsland, TX and made their way back to Missouri, where many members were killed. However, after the Missouri war, the members of the church returned to Kingsland and continued to be a strong presence in the community. Discover facts about What Draws People to Black Rock Park in Texas.

There is no doubt that the people in Kingsland are very well known throughout the country. This is due to the various activities that they conduct, such as a flea market. There is also the Kingsland Music Festival which allows music lovers and fans alike to come out and enjoy live music. The church does have its own musical band called the Kingsland Music Band. The church is also well known for their annual Kingsland Texas Fair, which features the rodeo and a rodeo competition. Although, not as well known as the rodeo, there is still a fair held every year to celebrate the different arts and crafts that have been produced from all over the country.

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