Bluffton, Texas – A Wonderful Community With Great Real Estate Prices!

Bluffton, Texas is a unique community in the Texas Panhandle. Bluffton is a small town located on the banks of Llano Creek. Bluffton sits approximately twelve miles west of Enterprise, Texas. Bluffton has been described as a true Texas “seventh-generation” community. Learn more here.

Bluffton is an unrecognized community in the Texas Panhandle. According to the Handbook of Texas, this community had an approximately estimated population of seventy-five in 2021. The population estimate in 2021 was 270. Bluffton, Texas is known for its exquisite miniature golf courses, and Texas Christian College is located nearby. Learn more about Scobee, Texas – A Great Place to See Everything.

Bluffton, Texas is the home to the American Club Bluffton, an internationally recognized junior golf club. Recently, Bluffton was rated as one of the best golf communities in the United States by Golf Digest. Bluffton also hosts numerous community events such as horseback riding, beer parties, and gold parties. There are also some beautiful historic homes to view from your Bluffton, Texas home. There is no question that Bluffton, Texas has everything a person could need or want in their lifestyle!, there are plenty of communities in and around Bluffton to choose from so everyone can enjoy all the benefits that real estate has to offer.

Bluffton has lots to offer both those looking for an outdoor lifestyle and those who want to be close to city life. The real estate values of Bluffton continue to rise because people are constantly buying homes and selling them. It is just a matter of choosing the right community to call home in Bluffton, Texas. Once you decide to live in Bluffton, you will quickly realize that you’ve found a beautiful community where you can relax and get away from it all.

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